The Käthe Kruse Seal of Quality

For save and healthy playing


The brand Käthe Kruse stands for trust, quality and safety.

Our products are designed and made to last throughout childhood. They are products that come from the heart. To guarantee the safety of our products, Käthe Kruse produces them in our own production sites. There, we closely observe that all valid standards and regulations concerning toy safety, quality, environmental regulations and social standards are attended to. Our products are tested by independent organizations regarding materials, production, construction and ingredients. The tests are based on European and US standards.


           Käthe Kruse Seal of Quality


           European Standard according to EN71


           Consumer Safety Specification on Toy Safety, F963


           100% organic, materials of controlled biological farming and controlled biological cattle raising


            Licensed manufacturer of textile Waldorf toys

 Brand of the century 2012


Some of our toys have been awarded with e.g. the FORM award ot the Bundesverband Kunsthandwerk e.V., with the spiel gut award ot the Arbeitsausschuss Kinderspiel +  Spielzeug e.V. or the Öko-Test Certification.