Welcome to the Käthe Kruse Doll World

Why doll play?

While playing with dolls, children learn about the world: social behavior, emotional learning, conversation and languages skills. In a doll, children find a real friend who gives them trust and security. Someone to share joy as well as problems. A true companion.


Age-appropriate dolls:

While playing with dolls, it is important for you to chose the right doll for your child. For a baby, a fashion doll is not very interessting and a six-year-old will be bored with a cuddly soft doll.


Newborns, babies and toddlers need a soft and cuddly cloth doll. These dolls are light and easy to carry. They feel warm and cuddly and give security. For example our Käthe Kruse Waldorf Schatzi doll, our Puppa doll or the little Kikou dolls are an ideal choice.


Children of 3 years and older, kindergarteners, love a doll that looks like them. At that age, children develop a conciousness for themselves as part of the society, they watch and comprehend their reflection in a mirror, they interact with other children and differentiate between themselves and others. They need a doll to bath, to comb, to dress, to go on walks, to take to kindergarten or to play with others. A Bath Baby or Baby Mein is ideal, because she can be bathed. Good little doll babies are also our cuddly Bambina or Mini Bambina dolls. A good companion for all kinds of adventures is the funny Lolle doll with her laughing face.


School children love to play the school game with their dolls, and they are interested in fashion and hobbies. They need a doll, that shares their interests, a doll that is fashionable and yet child-appropriate, a doll to take to sleepovers with friends, to accompany them on holiday or to hold their hand at the dentist's. Minouche, Elea, Sophie and Marie Kruse are the perfect girlfriends. Especially important are additional doll fashion and accessoires, because girls love to style their dolls time and again.