Our Philosophy

Quality standards of our products and production


"The hand follows the heart. Only the hand can make what goes back through the hand to the heart."

According to our company founder's philosophy the Käthe Kruse Company has produced dolls and toys for children for over

100 years.



The brand Käthe Kruse stands for trust, quality and safety


Our products are designed and made to last throughout childhood. To guarantee the safety of our products, we produce

them in our own production sites. Our products are tested by independent organizations regarding materials, production,

construction and ingredients.


The brand Käthe Kruse stands for authenticity


Respecting our company philosophy, every product is produced individually. They get their typical Kruse charm because

of the use of handcraft. Each year we present new and innovative baby toys and play dolls - our classics remain in the

catalog for many years. We create new models every year for our handmade classic dolls too.


The brand Käthe Kruse stands for age-appropriate development


We design, develop and produce our dolls and toys according to the children's needs. They are conductive to creativity,

learning and communication. Baby toys stimulate the senses and encourage playing. They are soft and cuddly and convey

a feeling of safety. Our play dolls are made in an age-appropriate way. Bath babies may be taken into the bathtub, baby

dolls are soft and awake feelings. Standing dolls are best friends and real companions for a child. Our doll fashion is made

of high quality materials and easy to handle for smaller hands. Accessories add even more to the fun of playing.


The brand Käthe Kruse stands for unique design


From the first idea to the sketches, the model to the final toy all our products are designed by our experienced toy designers.

Only the best products and only products that fit our philosophy will finally be produced. We do not only make toys, we create

whole toy worlds around themes that are interesting for children. Some of our classics have been in the catalog for decades

and are bought by parents who played with exactly the same toys in their childhood. Our products are lasting and connect generations. They stand for innovative design in correspondence with our sense of tradition.



The brand Käthe Kruse stands for handcraft


All Käthe Kruse products are made with handcrafted details. These details make our products unique and original. Our tradition

is the classic Käthe Kruse doll. Their soulful eyes have been painted by hand with oil colors for decades and thus get that characteristic Käthe Kruse look and their naive expression. The real hair wigs of our classic dolls are hand-knotted and styled

with great care to detail. The doll's bodies are either foam-sculpted or hand-stuffed with soft reindeer hair. Handmade details

decorate dresses and accessories. Many details of our products are hand-made with embroidery, knitwear and crotchet work.

All these details make our products unique, individual and original.


The brand Käthe Kruse stands for lifestyle


Our lifestyle is warm, soft and safe. Our dolls and toys are made to be loved. They are companions, friends and comforters

for a happy childhood and for more than one generation. They convey the feeling of safety, warmness and care. Dolls and toys should be cuddled. They awaken curiosity and invite children to play.


The brand Käthe Kruse stands for social standards and environmental consciousness


Each employee, each supplier, each customer and each business partner should be treated with respect, dignity and fairness.

We expect of our employees, our suppliers and business partners to obey to the laws of the countries they do business with.

Sustainable and eco-efficient production is important to us. We use renewable raw materials for our production and keep it as

eco-efficient as possible. Some of our raw materials carry the label for controlled biological agriculture and controlled biological livestock farming. We try to keep our logistic as efficient as possible in order to avoid unnecessary environmental stress.


The brand Käthe Kruse stands for customer-focused service


In our family business we think and work very customer-focused. Our varying product range stands out due to the elaborate

amount of handcraft that goes into each product - therefore, we can attend to individual wishes and special orders. Our in-house repair and restoration service is available at all times.