Welcome to the Käthe Kruse Collectors' World


The classic Käthe Kruse doll is the epitome of Käthe Kruse products. In 1911, Käthe Kruse started making these hand-made soft and cuddly dolls with the intention to child-appropriate dolls with a natural and child-like appearance. She wanted them to look like little children. These dolls were made to awaken motherly feelings in a child. The carefully hand-painted little faces that turned every doll into an individual character were soon well known in the whole world. To make her dolls, Käthe Kruse used high quality materials such as reindeer hair for the stuffing, human hair for the wigs and precious fabrics for the clothes. A Käthe Kruse doll has always been a toy ranging at the top end of the price range. Soon, these dolls were not only favoured by children, but they also charmed adults with their natural and innocent appearance. Especially in the 1980s and 1990s many toy collectors started to collect dolls. As adults they fulfilled a childhood dream: to posess a Käthe Kruse doll.


Today, the classic Käthe Kruse doll is still produced according to Käthe Kruse's philosophy of hand-made dolls. Each year, Käthe Kruse introduces a new range of dolls that charm collectors all over the world. If you look at all the classic dolls of the last 100 years, you can see that Käthe Kruse always kept the blance between the historic doll and new inventions. Käthe Kruse has always been creative with new materials or doll fashion. The first dolls were dressed in the long turn-of-the-century dresses, the dolls of the 1930s wore short skirts, trench coats and fashionable hats, after World War II, when raw materials were short, the doll clothes were made from curtains and table linen donated by customers. Today, Käthe Kruse tries to meet the needs of all the different collectors: some only collect dolls with the historic appeal, others ask for more modern and fashionable dolls. In the Käthe Kruse doll catalog, both kinds are offered.


The Käthe Kruse Family

Our collector's club, the "Käthe Kruse Family" unites doll collectors from all parts of the world. Our members share information at club meetings or travel to the Käthe Kruse Company in Donauwörth in order to have a look at the doll production. A special collector's magazine informs about speical events, Käthe Kruse history and limited edition dolls. If you want to read more about our collector's club, please continue to the "Käthe Kruse Family".