Welcome to the Käthe Kruse Waldorf World

Waldorf dolls by Käthe Kruse


Our Waldorf dolls are made of natural materials like cotton wool and sheep wool. They are as individual as children and invite children to creative playing. They are made according to the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner. Their faces are neutral and remid of the simple way children paint faces with single dots and lines. Two dots as eyes, a line as mouth, two rosy cheeks and sometimes a few freckles make beautiful little doll faces. While playing, children are free to interpret any kind of emotion into the doll: happiness, sadness, laughing or crying.

Käthe Kruse creates Waldorf dolls for every age. Soft and cuddly dolls for the younger children, the It's Me dolls with their colorful and creative dresses for older children.


The Käthe Kruse Company is licensed to make Waldorf dolls by the Bund der Freien Waldorfschulen e.V.