100 Years Hanne Kruse –
History and Limited Special Edition



We celebrate Hanne Kruse's 100th birthday with our special edition "Hanne and her two Miniature Dolls" - limited to 100 dolls.



A 1912 photograph of Hanne as a child inspired this beautifully hand made trio. Doll Hanne stands 13 inches tall and is classically stuffed with reindeer hair. Her blue eyes are hand painted in the typical Kruse style and the real hair wig is hand knotted and styled with love. The two miniature dolls stand 6.7 inches tall and are also hand stuffed with reindeer hair. Eyes and hair are hand painted and their cloths are carefully designed with hand made details. True love, throughout a lifetime, through generations, until today and into the future.



Hanne Kruse

Hanne Kruse was born to Käthe and Max in 1909 as Johanna Irmfriede Ceres Kruse. Having inherited her family´s talent for art, she became art director of the Käthe Kruse studio in Donauwörth in 1953. From 1958 to 1990, she and her husband Heinz Adler lead the studios as managing directors.

The first doll she created, in 1957, was the Däumlinchen followed by many other dolls. In the 1960s she developed special soft toys for babies and toddlers made of cloth – an innovation to the German toy market and a unique idea that guaranteed the company´s economic stability and growth.

In her later years, she continued her creative pursuits: she painted, printed textiles and had a love for singing. In 1990, Hanne and Heinz Adler passed the management of the Käthe Kruse studios into the hands of Andrea Kathrin and Stephen Christenson. Today, the Christensons continue the Kruse legacy according to their motto: “With tradition in our hearts we move to the future”.