Käthe Kruse observes highest standards in the production of dolls and toys and uses only the best materials for safe and healthy playing

For the production of some Käthe Kruse products it is necessary to use PVC (polyvinyl chloride, or short: vinyl).

At Käthe Kruse, we ensure that the PVC used is only produced with non-phthalate plasticizers.

Plasticizers are essential to soften and plasticize the naturally rigid PVC material, so that e. g. toys do not break while playing.

All PVC used by the Käthe Kruse company is mixed and processed with the non-phthalate plasticizer Hexamoll® DINCH by BASF.

A current eco-efficiency analysis confirmed that Hexamoll® DlNCH has the best test results among the five most important non-phthalate plasticizers on the market. That makes BASF´s Hexamoll® DINCH the product with the lowest environmental impact from production to disposal.

For details on the results and procedure of the analyses please read the following articles:


BASF plasticizer Hexamoll® DINCH comes out ahead in eco ...

The BASF product Hexamoll® DINCH has the highest eco-efficiency in a comparison of the top five non-phthalate plasticizers on the market today.



BASF-Weichmacher Hexamoll® DINCH schneidet in Ökoeffizienz ...

Im Vergleich der fünf wichtigsten auf dem Markt erhältlichen phthalatfreien Weichmacher weist Hexamoll® DINCH von BASF die höchste Ökoeffizienz auf.

Eco-Efficiency Analysis Hexamoll® DINCH by BASF


Label for Eco-Efficiency Analysis